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Bibliography for the Black Athena debate

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When using the material of this bibliography in any publication, either as hard copy, on the Web, or in whatever audiovisual form, broadcasting etc., kindly acknowledge the original provenance as listed below.

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A. Wim van Binsbergen's compilation of the bibliography of the Black Athena debate in the strictest senses / La compilation, par Wim van Binsbergen, de la bibliographie du débat sur Black Athena dans le sens le plus stricte (click to open)

B. bibliography of Black Athena I (1987) [ under construction ]

C. bibliography of Black Athena II (1991):

(a) A... thru K... (click to open)

(b) L... thru Z... (click to open)

D. bibliography of Black Athena revisited (1996)

(a) A... thru L.. (click to open)

(b) M... thru Z... (click to open)

E. bibliography of Black Athena: Ten Years After (click to open)

F. bibliography of Heresy in the university (1999)

(a) A... thru J... (click to open)

(b) K... thru Z... (click to open)

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