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Wim van Binsbergen

Tears of Rain: Etnicity and History in Central Western Zambia -- PDF downloads



Now available as PDF downloads:

Wim M.J. van Binsbergen, Tears of Rain: Etnicity and History in Central Western Zambia, London/Boston: Kegan Paul International, 1992 -- Zambian edition in collaboration with Zambia Education Publishing House, Lusaka, 1994 (the preceding link takes you to a page where the book is described in detail and where you can order a discounted physical copy)

The links below take you to the electronic version in the form of PDFs. In this electronic version, pagination differs slightly from the published version. Due to graphical materials included, some of these files are large (several Mb), therefore, before opening or printing, downloading on your computer with 'Save Target as...' under righthand mouse button may be advisable

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click here for a full description of the book and directions as to order a physical copy



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