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Wim van Binsbergen



Towards a history of
circumcision rites
in western Zambia,
18th-20th century

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Part I

1. Introduction
2. The Nkoya
3. Mutondo and Kahare: moiety-like structure and the struggle for seniority
4. The distant Lunda association
The name 'Nkoya'
Kapeshi ka Munungampanda
5. Kingship, violence, and Mukanda as a bone of contention
6. Mukanda, legitimation and power

Part II

7. Contested patrilineal succession around 1900: The Mukanda element
8. The seniority contest between the Kahare and Mutondo titles
9. The recent history of Mukanda in central western Zambia
10. Conclusion

homepage | Mukanda Part I |Mukanda Part II


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