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Wim M.J. van Binsbergen's Website on African Studies, intercultural philosophy, poetry and therapy

Research and publications: Wim van Binsbergen's itinerary through poetry, cultural anthropology, African animistic priesthood, and intercultural philosophy -- set against the background of his sharing the lives of his African associates, in Zambia, Guinea-Bissau, Botswana and Tunisia. The site offers bio-bibliographical information as well as full texts on: intercultural philosophy ('Cultures do not exist'); on ethnicity, virtuality, consumption, commodification, and globalisation as perspectives on Africa; on the philosopher Guattari. It offers a window on current research, upcoming conferences and recent publications in these fields. It presents details on the teaching of intercultural philosophy at the Philosophical Faculty, Erasmus University Rotterdam. African concepts of reconciliation and humanity (ubuntu) are explored. Besides, African spirituality and healing are introduced and extended to the site visitor. Many unique photographs illustrate a sustained struggle to identify with African people, their culture and history, and to represent these without North Atlantic hegemonic condescension. This site is also the temporary home of the Conference on Transformations and Islam in Africa, Leiden, The Netherlands, October 15, 1999. The site complements Wim van Binsbergen's website on Ancient Models of Thought: and his new website (May 2000) on African Religion:

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Vitae How to contact me List of publications
Sangoma divination and therapy
now with electronic
Sangoma consultation intake form for world-wide consultations
Poetry , including: a new long poem in Dutch on the occasion of Julius Nyerere's death A researcher's photo album
Theme group on globalisation, African Studies Centre, Leiden
Current research by Wim van Binsbergen
the homepage of the Dutch-Flemish Association for Intercultural Philosophy NVVIF has moved to:
Teaching and research in Intercultural philosophy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam
NEW M.A. course 'Some foundations of intercultural philosophy' (2000-2001) now on separate page with clickable links to prescribed readings by Wim van Binsbergen

also visit Wim van Binsbergen's site on
Ancient models of thought
featuring e.g.: the
Black Athena discussion and its extension to sub-Saharan Africa; African witchcraft, virtuality, and the kinship order; the study of geomantic divination and mankala board-games; the archaeoastronomy of cupmarks in prehistoric rock art ('55,000 year ago, the Neandertals of soutwestern Europe made detailed and accurate star maps'); a theoretical model of magic in Ancient Mesopotamia

Commodification and globalisation (conference, 10-13 June 1999)
Wim van Binsbergen's paper for this conference: Commodification and the Southern African sangoma cult
Felix Guattari: philosophy and anthropology (Web-article) (Dutch version with English summary)
Tears of Rain: Ethnicity and history in central Western Zambia (book offer)
Modernity on a shoestring: Consumption, globalisation and development book offer
Transformations and Islam in Africa (conference, 15 October 1999)
Virtuality and globalisation in Africa (Web-book)
'Cultures do not exist' / 'Culturen bestaan niet' (inaugural, 1999) Dutch and English text
Reconciliation: A major African social technology of shared and recognised humanity (ubuntu) (Web-article)
Wim van Binsbergen's Ph.D. seminar
Ubuntu conference, South Africa (1999)
Some philosophical aspects of cultural globalisation: Mall's intercultural hermeneutics (English)

Enige filosofische aspecten van culturele globalisering: Malls interculturele hermeneutiek (Nederlands)

ICT and intercultural philosophy: An African exploration -- English (Web article)

ICT en interculturele filosofie: Een Afrikaanse verkenning -- Nederlands (Web article)

Sangoma in The Netherlands: On integrity in intercultural mediation (English version)

Sangoma in Netherland: Over integriteit in interculturele bemiddeling (Nederlands)

Een interview met Wim van Binsbergen: 'Culturen bestaan niet' -- implicaties voor de multiculturele samenleving
uit: BIJEEN, november 1999
The Janus situation: Development and the intercontinental circulation of knowledge and ignorance

paper for the 1999 Wageningen conference on ‘Decision-making in natural resources management’

Een interview met Wim van Binsbergen: 'Filosofen zonder grenzen' -- Interculturele filosofie voor beginners
  uit: Erasmus Magazine, juni 1998
Sensus communis or sensus particularis: Kant in Africa - A social science comment (based on the Kazanga festival in western central Zambia)

From: Sensus communis edited by Heinz Kimmerle and Henk Oosterling, 2000

website on
African religion,
which contains a large number of full articles by Wim van Binsbergen, fully referenced, with bibliographies, diagrams, tables, internal search facility:

Derrida on religion: glimpses of interculturality (on Christianity, Islam and Judaism) Sociaal-wetenschappelijke aspecten van niet-overheidsorganisaties (“NGO’s”) in Afrika
Crossing cultural boundaries: From anthropologist to sangoma in search of an intercultural approach to health
(Compass Newsletter 3, 2000, pp. 12-13) NEW


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site established 16-03-99; page last modified: 17-09-00 19:51:23; site development by Vincent van Binsbergen (systematics) and Wim van Binsbergen (specifics)
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