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Commodification: Objects and Identities:
The Social Life of Things

One of the key aspects of the globalisation process is commodification, when values -- from the private, kinship, ritual etc. domains -- take on a market value and begin to circulate as commodities. A seminal study of this process has been Arjun Appadurai's edited collection The social life of things (1986). The WOTRO (Netherlands Foundation for Tropical Research, a division of the Netherlands Research Foundation NWO) national programme on Globalisation and the Construction of Communal Identities has in part taken shape through a series of international conferences (e.g., the conference on globalisation, consumption and development). The final one of these conferences is to be held in Amsterdam in mid-1999. It will look back at the trajectory which commodification studies have gone through in the past and and a half decade. The conveners are Professor Peter Geschiere (Leiden University) and Wim van Binsbergen.

click here to open the Provisional Programme for this conference as per 17.4.99

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click here to open Wim van Binsbergen's paper for this conference: 'We are in this for the money: The sangoma mediumistic cult of Southern Africa: limitations and potential of an interpretation in terms of commodification


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