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Kaoma district, western central Zambia, 1972-


1. King Mwenekahare Kabambi I (1954-1993), Wim van Binsbergen's adoptive father (tata), posing in state (Njonjolo royal establishment, Kaoma district, 1977); note the fly switch in his right hand, with carved ivory handle and hefu (eland) tail, and the bundles of government documents.
2. King Mwenekahare Kabama II (1994- ) and -- in the jeans jacket -- his elder brother from a senior line (yaya) Mr Dennis Shiyowe (field assistant 1972-1974 and 1977) view a copy of Tears of Rain. This was book is the history of the Nkoya people written by their adoptive brother's son (mwana) and younger brother (mukondo) respectively, Wim van Binsbergen, locally known as Tatashikanda; in the background the royal musical instruments (royal shelter, Kazanga festival, Kaoma district, 1994).
3. Presentation, by the author, of the book Tears of Rain to the Mwanashihemi (Prime Minister) of King Mwenemutondo (Shikombwe royal establishment, Kaoma district, 1992); significantly, the presentation takes place in front of the kara, the royal ancestral shrine, whose stylised ancestral images (indented wooden poles) are visible; sitting in front of the shrine the Mwanamwene (king's son), wearing mourning and bringing the royal salute; notice the culture-specific bodily stances of the protagonists.
4. The researcher's house and open kitchen, 1973-74 and 1977.

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