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Situating globality:
African agency in the appropriation of global culture

edited by Wim van Binsbergen & Rijk van Dijk

  Leiden: Brill, African Studies Centre Yearbook 2003

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This collection is based on the papers presented at the international conference Globalisation and new questions of ownership, Leiden, April 2002, funded by the African Studies Centre and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. It takes stock after half a decade of globalisation research within the Theme Group on Globalisation, African Studies Centre, Leiden, 1997-2001. The extensive introduction, by Wim van Binsbergen, Rijk van Dijk and Jan-Bart Gewalt, seeks to define the state of the art in studies of the globalisation of culture, especially in and about Africa, and to define this collection's specific contribution to the ongoing debate. Globalisation appears not as a blind force to which Africa and Africans have no choice but to submit passively; in the African context the global availablibity of globalised items of culture rather appears as a resource, which Africans selectively and situationally press into service while positioning and repositioning themselves in ongoing local and regional concerns which -- admittedly -- have been transformed and redefined in the context of globalisation, but which have seldom been initiated by globalisation in the first place.

ISBN 90 04 13133 7 -- Paperback (viii, 316 pp., 7 illus.) -- List price: EUR 32.50 (excl. postage) -- official publication date April, 2004

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